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Arrivederci Fountan Hills

 “Buon cibo. Buon vino. Buon amici” in the Heart of Arizona

We believe in the simple pleasures of life.Good food, fresh ingredients, and awesome vibes. See you at Arrivederci Ristorante Italiano make yourself at home.


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Our Story

Arrivederci Cucina Italiana means, Arrivederci’s Italian Kitchen and it was in the kitchens of Italy that our family learned how to use the precise methods of cooking our traditional foods that goes back thousands of years. This is done by using only the best and freshest ingredients possible. The foods of Italy and Sicily stem from many places such as from the southern Mediterranean regions of Naples and Palermo to the northern Alpine districts of Lombardy and all of the regions in-between.


     With all due respect to Italy some of the best Italian food can be found right here in Fountain Hills. For decades our family has strived to serve your family our authentic and mouth watering meals with every ounce of professionalism and diligence that we have. We have found this to be an unbeatable combination for our customers just like Rocky Marciano’s knockout punches. 


Good pasta gave me the strength to fight on, and if I didn’t think I was going to win why the heck would I be fighting. –Rocky Marciano: World heavy weight boxing champion.

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Arrivederci Catering 

Whether you are feeding a client meeting or your whole company, Arrivederci Catering , on-time ratings and reviews, and insanely helpful 5-star you'll be able to satisfy any taste! When you order food for work, the food has to work, and Arrivederci Cater is the biggest and most reliable source of catering in Scottsdale, Fountian Hills and Awhatukee Lunch sales meeting? Office lunch? Training session snacks? Executive board dinner? Birthday Party We've got you covered, no matter what time of day or the makeup of your hungry audience.

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Arrivederci Moments

                                                   “Buon cibo. Buon vino. Buon amici”

Literally translates to ”Good food. Good wine. Good friends.” Just everything you need in life. 

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When you make a reservation at Arrivederci Fountain Hills not only will you be treating your taste buds to great Italian food, our décor will feed your funny bone.

Every Arrivederci  features five dining areas including patio The Wine Room with a ceiling of wine bottles and grape vines.

We invite you and your group to join us at the home of celebrations, Arrivederci

Please Call Us at :(480) 816-5895

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Please be aware that many of our products (even those considered to be gluten-free friendly) may contain or contact common allergens, including but not limited to, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy/milk. Specific allergies can be noted on individual items. If you have concerns regarding allergies, please call the restaurant directly.

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