Arrivederci STORY



     Arrivederci Cucina Italiana means, Arrivederci’s Italian Kitchen and it was in the kitchens of Italy that our family learned how to use the precise methods of cooking our traditional foods that goes back thousands of years. This is done by using only the best and freshest ingredients possible. The foods of Italy and Sicily stem from many places such as from the southern Mediterranean regions of Naples and Palermo to the northern Alpine districts of Lombardy and all of the regions in-between.


     With all due respect to Italy some of the best Italian food can be found right here in Fountain Hills. For decades our family has strived to serve your family our authentic and mouth watering meals with every ounce of professionalism and diligence that we have. We have found this to be an unbeatable combination for our customers just like Rocky Marciano’s knockout punches. 


Good pasta gave me the strength to fight on, and if I didn’t think I was going to win why the heck would I be fighting. –Rocky Marciano: World heavy weight boxing champion.



For Over Three Decades:

Our family has been bringing you the best foods of Italy and America. We are proud to be part of the Fountain Hills community and truly want you to come over and pay us a visit. You will be greeted with big warm smiles as famiglia, and will be served some of the best Italian food this side of the Atlantic. We are truly looking forward to seeing you soon at Arrivederci Cucina Italiana. 

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